/ Present Corona-rules at ITL

Dear friends of coloured skin,

slowly we get back to normality at daily life – finaly! So the given Corona constraints become more moderate than at winter time. Some topics have still to be taken care of though:

Tattoos for everyone!

The Corona rules have been reduces significantly by 2nd of April. So we can tattoo everyone again no matter if you are vaccinated or not. But still the infection rate is quite high so we kindly ask you to take respect of some rules.

Consultings please with appointment

Also for the future, we kindly ask you, to book an appointment in advance for your consulting. Only with an appointment we can reserve sufficient time for you and your questions, thanx!

What else to consider?

Of course hygiene is always an important issue for us. For this we would like to ask you to take care of the following topics:

Booking appointment preferred online or by phone

To reduce the contacts as much as possible, please avoid to come to the studio without an appointment. For consultings or to get an appointment please use our electronical channels (phone, email, messenger, online-booking).

Face mask / hand desinfection

For any time, not only during Corona: Tattoos are open wounds so when you enter the studio, please desinfect your hands. You will find a dispender next to our entrance on the left side. Also after breaks or seeing the toilet you should satinize your hands.

As far as we know by now, there is no mask enforcement for tattoo studios anymore. But if you feel safer with mask, please let us know. Of course we will wear a mask during the entire tattoo session.

Ill / fever? Please cancel in time.

When you feel you get ill, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible (3 working days beforehand). Of course it is possible to cancel an appointment also short-term, in this cases we will need a verification though (sick- oder test- certificate). Of course you will get another appointment as soon as you feel better again.

No Companions, please.

Please show up allone for your appointment. Any further person means an unnecesary risk. Further more any companion will lead to smalltalk, smalltalk will lead to wiggeling and wiggeling we absolutely do not need during tattooing. 😉

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