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A lost child, the separation from a partner, a severe diagnose, a survived disease, a new stage of life…

Our customers show up for various but always very personal reasons. Some get a Sak Yant to complete something, some to regain strength for challenges that come some just to take a stand.

For our Pae it is always a pleasure and honour to help people on their way with a Sak Yant.

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We are looking forward to you!

/ Sak Yant – Tattoos with energy

Sak Yant, also known as Yantra-Tattoos, are sacred tattoos from south-east-asia (Kambodia, Laos, Thailand), that enjoy greater popularity also in the west. They are believed to hold magic and healing power. It is the meaning of a Yantra to concentrate power through a (complex) pattern or ornament and to make to harness it.

By tradition such Yantras are applied by healers or Monks by bamboo sticks. Afterwards the Sak Yant is “consecrated” by strikes with branches on the fresh tattoo.

We are convinced that the power of a Sak Yant is enfolded in the bearer himself, by his or her importance. It is our aim, to support this with the suitable Yantra at the appropriate place with diligence and respect.

/ The long tradition of healing tattoos

This may appear slightly potty to the one or other but keep in mind that tattoos are used for healing throughout all cultures around the world for millennia. A quite popular example is Ötzi, the man in the ice, on whom they found more than 50 tattoos placed on known meridian knots. The matching of these meridian knots with the disease pattern of Ötzi confirmed the purpose of this tattoos.

There are loads more examples of healing tattoos in other cultures. If you are interested, you will find various books by the anthropologist Lars Krutak. Quite interesting picture reports are also availably at the site of  Travelin’n Mick.

/ Your very personal Yantra

Pae ist es ein persönliches Anliegen, die Geschichte und Tradition des Sak Yant lebendig zu halten. Sie nimmt es mit den alten Traditionen daher sehr genau. So findet vor jedem Sak Yant eine persönliche Beratung statt, in der man gemeinsam das zur eigenen Persönlichkeit und Lebenslage passende Yantra sowie die passende Körperstelle findet.

Dem Tattoo selbst geht immer eine entsprechende Zeremonie voraus (auf Wunsch gerne mit Dir als Kunden), die aus Pae’s Sicht schon allein deshalb wichtig ist, um sowohl euch als Empfänger, als auch sie selbst als Tätowiererin in die notwendige innere Haltung zu versetzen.

Selbstverständlich erhältst Du Dein thailändisches Schutz-Tattoos bei uns im Into The Light unter erstklassigen hygienischen Bedingungen. Und versprochen: Pae schlägt euch nicht auf das frische Tattoo. 😉

/ Bamboo or Machine

This is a question of belief. The bamboo stick ist the traditional tool but not least because there professional tattoo machines are available just recently. Traditionally the very same bamboo-stick are also used for different customers and the grounded skin of a deceased monk is added to the ink.

We are conveinced that to power of a Sak Yant depends on something different: a personal consultation, the choice of the suitable yantra, the appropriate position and not least on the attitude of tattooer and receiver as well as a good chemitry between both.

Pae preferres to work with a tattoo machine also because it is just faster – in respect of your purse.

/ A small collection of her work

/ Book your appointment just online

Using our online booking you can book your Sak Yant easily from your couch. You have full access to Pae’s calendar.

Please book about 2 days in advance of your tattoo appointment another counceling appointment with Pae. Here you will figure out your symbol and position mutually so Pae can prepare the Yantra for you.

/ Get to us - incl. direct flights

Besides coming by car or train you also have the opportunity to arrive by plane through our airport Basel-Mulhouse. There are quite cheap direct flights from Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich.

All further informations for your journey (incl. a link to the euro-airport) you will find on our Contact-Site.

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