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Online Booking - your 24/7 tattoo appointments

What ever you want, here’s where you find it. And with only a few klicks you book your own appointment with us, 24/7, at home or on the go. Could it be any more convenient?

Please take care of the following issues before you get tattooed:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You do not plan any surgeries 4 weeks before or after your tattoo.
  • There is no vaccination scheduled 1 week before or after your tattoo.
  • You are not pregnant or breast feeding your child.
  • Avoid tattoo appointments direct before or after your vacation trip.
  • The area to be tattooed does not show any scar tissues (jounger than 12 months) or keloids.
  • You have not been under radiation therapy within the last 12 month.
  • You had no contact with corona-positive tested persons 2 weeks before your appointment.

Everything OK? So you are ready too go! You can place your inquiry here, book a consulting appointment (at the studio or on the phone) or find your tattoo appointment fitting to your stile or preferred artist. At the end of the booking feel free to give us all details of your idea and send some pics. We are looking forward to you!

Inquiry / Counseling

Here you can place your inquiry for your tattoo, or you book a counseling appointment in our studio or by phone. Of course everything without any onligation!

For bigger tattoo projects we should definitely arrange a counseling appointment ahead to discuss all details.

If you have any sketches for your tattoo, please attach it at the end of your booking. If it will be a cover-up we also need pics from your present tattoo.

Special Offers

Place a statement and get a free Vegan-Logo oder -Lettering! A donation for animal protection is welcome of course.

Tara is our specialist for big scale asia tattoos as well as coverups. You’ll find all informations about her, and of course her work, in her profile.

If you are up for fine and detailed work then Alba will be your choice. You’ll find all informations about her, and of course her work, in her profile.

It is hard to believe that Jannine is still our apprentice! Her favorite style is Old-Scholl but she got more to offer. You’ll find all informations about her, and of course her work, in her profile.

Foto realistic tattoos and portraits is the world of Mel’s tattoos. You’ll find all informations about her, and of course her work, in her profile.

Rob is our frequent guest artist @ ITL and he’s what you call an all-rounder: familiar with loads of different styles like semi-realistic, lettering, asia, an more. You’ll find all informations about him, and of course his work, on his schedule-page.

We are glad to welcome back Robin at ITL. He will be concentrating on “Dark Stuff”. His current work you will find in his Insta-Profile.

A lot of small tattoos can be done by any of our artists. In this case you just pick the one who serves first. 😉 Don’s worry: we will check your booking for any open questions or required changes.

After 6-8 weeks we would like to welcome you back for a short checkup. Touchup appointments are free within the first 6 months after your tattoo is finished. Please send a present pic of your tattoo with the booking.

To our customers we offer free COVID-Rapid-Tests at the evening before their tattoo appointment. Our present corona guideline you will find here.

Request new Tattoo

Due to the lockdown we have to catch up with all the cancelled appointments. During this time we kindly ask you to use this option for new tattoo wishes.

You will be put on our waiting list and get a message automatically as soon as we are able to accept new bookings again.

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